Hosting a Holiday is stressful enough.  Use these 11 tips to help alleviate stress and address preparation that could slip through the cracks!



Get Ready for Garments

Depending on your foyer arrangement, either temporarily clearing out your front hall closet or tidying up a bedroom can both be sufficient options for preparing for the overflow of coats, bags & shoes to come.


Don’t look like Hoarder for a day

You want your guests to feel comfortable, so take the extra time to put away clutter & dust where you’ll have the most traffic.


Get Knives Nice & Sharp

Your day will go much smoother without unnecessary inconveniences.  One way to help ensure this is to prep your tools ahead of time.


Safety First

With mass amounts of cooking, candles & distractions, one way to have peace of mind during the holidays is to double check your smoke detectors.


What’s Cooking When?

One of the most important parts of hosting is eliminating as much stress as possible.  Take some time to plan your cooking schedule so you’re not frantically preparing your meal at the last minute.  Some recipes require specific thawing, marinating & appliance use, so being cognizant of these factors is very important. 


Who’s Sitting Where?

Take into consideration the ages of your guests.  Typically, young children are best seated at their own separate pop-up table.  As for the older guests who may have difficulty moving around, seat them at a convenient place suitable for their needs.


Don’t Forget about the Outside

The outside of your home should look almost as nice as the inside.  Have some fun after the mundane tasks have been completed like raking, weeding, etc. and go out and get some mums and a decorative wreath.


Get Ready for Leftovers

Make sure your Tupperware is organized and readily available for guests to take home leftovers.  If you don’t want to share your favorite Tupperware, check out the dollar isle or Dollar Store and grab a set specifically for the holiday.


Salt & Peppa!

This task can easily be overlooked, but addressing this before the chaos occurs will help eliminate one more thing from your busy day.


No Drip Dry!

This is not an issue you want to run into on the big day.  Make sure your bathrooms are ready for company by stocking up on toilet paper & setting out clean hand towels. 


Get Ready for the Spread!

Don’t expect space to just appear for the holiday spread.  Plan exactly where food and drinks will go so they are appropriately accessible.  If you need to buy or borrow at folding table, then make those arrangements ahead of time & make room for the extra furniture.