A Happy You makes for Happy Holidays.  Therefore, Treat Yourself!



Indulge in a Massage

Carving out time to yourself is important during the holiday season.  Although this time of year is about giving, consider a massage a gift to yourself.  In reality, 60-90 minutes of “You” time is a very practical idea and you deserve it.  Consider local massage studio, Elements Massage, where new clients receive a 1-Hour massage for $55!   


Unwind with Yoga

In need of some rejuvenation?  Exercise your mind and body for an overall feeling of satisfaction.  Not to mention that local Yoga studio, Corepower Yoga, offers FREE Community Classes EVERY Saturday from 4:30-5:30pm.  Everyone could use some free “therapy”. 


Change your Mindset with Meditation

Can’t physically be somewhere else?  Well, you can mentally.  Meditation is a great way to separate yourself from everything that may be weighing down on you.  With convenient apps like Insight Timer, it doesn’t take long for you to obtain a more positive and relaxed mindset. 


Spend time with Friends

And no, we don’t mean a Christmas party that requires any sort of effort.  We mean you, your friend(s) and the natural stress relief that comes with.  Whether your idea of a good time is catching up with some cocoa or indulging in some retail therapy, spending time with your friends during the Holidays is a fantastic way to remove yourself from all the hustle and bustle.