You don’t have to spend weekends to get in the holiday spirit. We’ve gathered a list of wonderful, easy-to-do easter ideas to make your home more festive in no time!

1. Ribbon Eggs

No time to dye eggs this year? There are many different ways to use a ribbon to decorate the eggs in a unique and fun way. Just bring up your pile of ribbons. Wrap the ribbon around the egg, make a ribbon bow and you’re done. Improvise and use your creativity to make easy, simple, wonderful eggs with no dye and in no time.

Check the images bellow for more ideas:




2. DIY 1 Minute Mason Jar Easter Treat


Have some old mason jars? Use them to make quick, easy and super fun Easter treats the kids will love. All you need is a mason jar, candies and an edible grass (ribbon, tag and/or stickers is optional). Start by placing the edible grass at the bottom of the jar. Add candies, chocolate bunny or any other cookie or candy of your choice. Seal the jar – that’s it!


3. Washi tape plastic cup Easter baskets​​ Source:

Surprise your kids with these super cute, easy-to-do Easter baskets. Use a plastic cup of your choice, white, red, green, small, big... – whatever you prefer.

Start by making the handle. Cut two same size pieces of the washi tape and stick them together. Leave some room at each end of the tape to stick the handle to your plastic cup. Then you can start decorating your plastic cup by wrapping the tape around the cup. If you use red, green or any other color of plastic cups you can place the tape only at the bottom of the cup – or don’t use any tape at all. Once you are done fill the cups with Easter grass, chocolates or candies.


4. Easter bunny napkins

Source (left):

Source (right):

Having friends and family over for Easter lunch? All you need to do to impress your guests with your creativity are: napkin, egg and ribbon. This Easter bunny napkin is VERY easy to make. Follow the simple instructions bellow:



5. 4-ingredient Easter egg Oreo truffles

An Easter celebration wouldn’t be complete without a dessert, right? Well, if you are on the rush try out this simple recipe requiring only 4 ingredients: Oreos, cream cheese, chocolate chips and white almond bark.

See the full recipe with directions here: