Take a deep breath, grab your computer, a pen & paper or word document (whatever works for you) and have confidence in your plan of attack with these 6 Methods to the Madness.



Research Ads

Use some of your down time (Down time?  During the holidays?  What’s that?), and explore Black Friday ads.  A simple Google search could get you what you need, or specifically look into your stores of interest.  This will come in handy when narrowing down your list based on your budget.


Check Social Media

Advertising on social media has become one of the top methods of marketing!  It’s even being said that “Facebook is the Internet” and Instagram has grown to become a close second.  Making a point of logging onto your social media accounts, following your main stores of interest and doing a bit more research to see what they’ve offered on social media could open the door to additional savings. 


Cyber Shop or Join the Madness

During your ad research, take note of which ads are for online vs. in-store.  More than likely, the ads will differ depending on where they’re taking place.  Some may start sooner, last a shorter amount of time, or just be completely different.  Knowing the details before you get too far into your planning will help a great deal when it comes to your budget and plan of attack.



Don’t fall victim to shopper’s remorse.  First, make a list of the items you would like to walk away with on Black Friday.  Then, take a look at your budget.  Last, through process of elimination, prepare your final list that works with the budget you have.  This will help you stay more organized and ensure peace of mind through the chaos.


Map your List

Who else makes their grocery list according to department?  The same technique should DEFINITELY be applied to your Black Friday list.  It saves time and frustration, and those are 2 things you most definitely need to preserve that day!


Don’t be Impulsive

This is a day where you want to have a plan and STICK TO IT!  You’ll feel a lot better and more fulfilled in the long run if you go and return with only what you intended to purchase and avoid distractions.  If you really needed/wanted it, it would have been on your list and in your budget!