No shame in the Binge Watching game because the Season of Snuggles is upon us.  Embrace it with this flawless lineup we've created just for your lounging pleasure.




Better Call Saul

This crime drama set in 2002, now on its third season, follows Jimmy McGill who eventually evolves into the corrupt lawyer we all know and love from award winning series Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman.  6 years before he represents Albuquerque's most notorious criminal, Jimmy hustles his way through his career with the help of Philadelphia cop, Mike Ehrmantraut.


Curb Your Enthusiasm

Now on its ninth season, award winning series, Curb Your Enthusiasm depicts the fictitious life of Larry David, co-creator of famous sitcom, Seinfeld.  The comedy allows viewers to laugh on the behalf of Larry’s awkward, real life situations where he is often made the victim of comedic misunderstandings. 


Vice Principals

You’ve never seen school administration quite like this.  When vice principal, Neil Gamby and co-vice principal, Walton Goggins set their sights on the newly up-for-grabs principal position, things get ugly.  They get even uglier when, from out of left field, English teacher Dr. Belinda Brown is instead appointed and the two begin to attempt to sabotage her.  Instead, their comedic war against her becomes the reason behind their own demise. 


Stranger Things

Science fiction horror, now on its second season after an outstanding first season, continues to unravel the secrets behind “The Upside Down”, a portal to an alternative dimension created by the United States Department of Energy. 


Twin Peaks: The Return

This mystery drama takes place 25 years after the appalling of murder of homecoming queen, Laura Palmer.  The town of Twin Peaks appears to be picture perfect, but as Special Agent Dale Cooper digs into the case, he discovers the dark secrets that lie within.



Based off the Marvel character, David Haller/Legion, this science fiction series follows the troubled Haller, who diagnosed as a child with schizophrenia, lands himself in yet another psychiatric hospital where he meets Sid.  After a dramatic encounter between the two, Haller learns that there may be more to his mental illness.