National Employee Appreciation Day 

observed annually on the first Friday in March


Employees are the backbone of any business; the grease in gears; the transmission in your car- without them, progression is impossible.  Now, I know we don’t go around rewarding our transmission, but plain and simple, it’s not a human, but your employees are!  Recognition and appreciation are one of the top motivational factors in the workplace.  We’re not kids anymore, so a 100% stamp on an assignment isn’t going to happen.  So how can employers regularly express their gratitude for employees’ job well done?


Gratitude in the workplace can be expressed in a variety of ways.  Here are some to consider or even spark some ideas of your own:


Occasional Rewards:

Celebration – if the team pulled together to accomplish something significant, reward them with an office pizza party.

Early Dismissal – if extra hours and effort were spent to move the team forward, reward them with an early dismissal.

It’s On You – superior effort is worth acknowledging and rewarding.  A good way to reward an exceptional performance is with the universal gift – a gift card!


Frequent Rewards:

Flexibility – the philosophy “give a little to get a little” is an easy way to recognize employees’ value.

Good Gossip – make a point of publicly discussing an employee’s great work.

Treat Them – a little goes a long way and believe it or not, a yummy treat for your employees as a thank you will be well appreciated.


Good employees are hard to find!  Hiring and training new employees is a timely and costly process.  Retaining your valued employees should be one of your top priorities and is just as important as any other fundamental responsibility of your business.  Today’s a day to reflect and create a workplace of gratitude and encouragement.