How to host a successful Friendsgiving


Host absorbs Turkey duty

If you’re willing to host, then you’re well aware that the responsibility of Turkey chef is yours!


Apps on apps on apps

Don’t be the victim of HANGRY guests!  For those of you who aren't exactly chef Ramsey, go ahead and snag an appetizer as your contribution.


Menu clarification

So you don’t end up eating Turkey and 4 different types of mashed potatoes and pies, openly discuss who’s making what.


Cover the basics 

Turkey, gravy, potatoes, stuffing, vegetables, pie.  First, make sure those are covered, then you can move on to all your Pinterest inspired extras.


Bottle of wine is your ticket in

Running out of this is a no, no, so grab a bottle on the way and call it a day.



Let’s be honest, we could all use some free food!  So play the no shame game and grab some stuff to go!


Don't leave a mess

Team work makes the dream work, and what better way to show your amazing host that you’re thankful for them than by washing a dish or two.


Bring games

Eat, drink and be merry!  Whether it’s competitive or just plain silly, have some fun with your friends and don’t just come for the free food and booze!