Valentine’s Day is Coming Up!

It’s nice to give chocolate, but even nicer to give blood!


This subject makes some people very queasy. I have a close friend who cringes at the thought of a needle. She hasn’t even gotten a routine blood test or filled a cavity because she is so scared of needles. But luckily this is not the norm. Most of us don’t necessarily enjoy needles for shots or giving blood but we have learned techniques to get us through it. Donating blood helps so many people in need. Donated blood is essential for patients with cancer, transfusions, and critical injuries just to name a few. These “patients” are our friends, neighbors, sisters, grandparents, etc. Bad weather and seasonal illnesses like the flu typically lead to lower blood donations. And just because there is less donated blood doesn’t mean there is less need. For example, each day the Red Cross needs 14,000 blood donations to meet the needs of 2,600 hospitals that it services in our country. Once you’ve given blood you can pat yourself on the back that you’ve done something good for someone in need.


Here are a few places in the Western Suburbs that are quick and easy blood donation spots. At all the places listed below you can conveniently schedule an appointment so you don’t have to wait. Click on each location and it will take you to a scheduling page.


LifeSource in Westmont - Open every day except Wednesday and Sunday


LifeSource in Naperville - Open every day except Sunday and Monday


LifeSource in Brookfield - Mobile Drive - Now until February 10th


American Red Cross- Roofers Local 11 in Indian Head Park – Blood Drive February 17th 8am-2pm


LifeSource in Villa Park - Open every day 


LifeSource in Oak Park - Open Mondays 4-8pm



If you would like more information about blood drives in your area, please visit or